LORA was founded by Souzie Holmes to represent  the Landmark Owners in an attempt to purchase the Landmark Head-Lease from the original Freeholders (Chalegrove Properties Ltd).  The Landmark Property was finally purchased by Adriatic Land 5 Ltd who are the current Landmark Landlords and legal Freeholders. 

Every Landmark Owner and resident tenant, is automatically a member of the Association and there’s no membership fee.


LORA’s efforts have been focussed on influencing how the Landmark is run, ensuring best value for our money as well as maintaining high standards for all our amenities and quality of life in the interests of all Owners and Resident Tenants.  Additionally, LORA engages in meetings with the Management Team representing Owners and Tenants’ concerns and suggestions. 


This website has been created by the Landmark Owners & Residents' Association (LORA) and is independent of the Managing Agent.  It is run by individuals who own and/or reside in apartments in the building.  We give our time for free to help, preserve and enhance the quality of all our lives as residents, and to maintain the value of our investments as leaseholders. 


Through this Website, LORA aims to provide vital information and assistance to Owners and Residents. Above all, LORA hopes to create a community, minimising isolation, whilst ensuring residents' privacy is not compromised. We welcome your recommendations and comments to improve and enhance our goals.