• General security guidelines

Maintaining security onsite is vital to your peace of mind, and the CCTV cameras and entry phone system are linked back to the concierge desks.  Please do not open the building door to unknown parties at any time, and be aware of people following you back into the blocks from the car park or gym.


The concierge team are able to deal with unknown visitors, and to help any resident who is experiencing difficulty in entering the building.  They will endeavour to ensure that all parties who enter the building are genuine and pose no threat to the building, its residents or the staff.


Please respect the security rules that must be followed by the concierge.  Although at times, they may seem bureaucratic, they are for the benefit of all residents.  If you have any suggestions for improvement please contact the Landmark Owners & Residents Association on


  • Fingerprint door entry system

The fingerprint door entry system is designed to allow only registered residents to open the doors to the building.  If you require to a have a new bona fide resident added to the system, please ask the concierge to arrange a time when fingerprints can be scanned.


If you have problems using your fingerprint to open the doors, again, please ask the concierge to arrange a re-scan of your fingers.




All members of the estate staff are provided by the Managing Agents through the service charge; if you have any comments or feedback about them please contact the Estate Manager.


  • Estate Manager

The Estate Manager runs all operations on the Landmark development, and oversees the site staff.  The Estate Manager is on site during normal office hours Monday to Friday.


  • Head Concierge

The Head Concierge oversees the two concierge desks, manages concierge operations and concierge staff during normal office hours Monday to Friday.


  • Concierges

The concierges man the desks, and there is one on each desk 24/7 to assist you and answer your queries.  (See ‘Concierge Services’)  Their shifts run between 07.00 to 19.00 and from 19.00 to 07.00.


Please note that there are short times when a concierge may have to leave the desk (for example to obtain a parcel from the storage room), and at these times your patience is requested.

  • Estate operatives

We have Estate Operatives on site every day of the week.  They are responsible for managing the refuse stores, and for cleaning and maintaining the external areas.


  • Cleaners

There are cleaners on site who look after the internal common areas, cleaning the lobbies, lifts and corridors of both towers every day of the week between 06.00 and 18.00 Monday to Friday and 06.00 to 12.00 Saturday and Sunday.



  • Mail & parcel holding services

Normal mail is delivered directly to your mailboxes by Royal Mail employees.  Other deliveries of small items may be placed in your mail box by the concierge.


In your absence, the concierge will accept mail requiring a signature, or items which are too large to get through your letter box.  This prevents such items being returned to the sender or to the sorting office, and ensures prompt delivery of your post.


If you would like to receive an email on receipt of a package, please speak to the concierge for more information, and to register with the Managing Agent for our online parcel holding facility.


Please note only mail or parcels for properly registered residents will be accepted.


Please note that due to space restrictions the concierge cannot accept large bulky items such as furniture; these should therefore be delivered only when someone is at home to receive them.


Food parcels – deliveries of perishable food are strictly not accepted by the concierge, and may not be left in corridors in any area of the buildings.


All parcels must be collected within 30 days of receipt, or will be returned to sender.


  • Key handling

The Concierge can hold a set of keys for your apartment and can issue them to authorised contractors or visitors.  Such a release would require a written authority in order to ensure the concierge have the correct information to process such requests.  This must be on paper or by email.

If you are a new resident, and you wish to take advantage of this service please collect, complete and return a key waiver form from the concierge desk.  Upon submission of the completed form you may commence using the service.  You only need to complete this form once.


Please note the concierges do not handover keys between different owners following the sale of a property.


Note: For Owners, your letting agent will need to register any new let prior to your tenant receiving this or any other service.


In the event of an emergency such as a major leak this service will allow prompt damage control action.


  • Laundry services

The concierge run a drycleaning service through the front desks.  A high-quality, hassle-free service is provided by award-winning Laundry Republic,who offer dry cleaning, minor garment repairs, and alterations, as well as shoe repairs and bedding, towels and linen cleaning.  First time users can sign up at which provides secure online payments, and drop off their first order in a plastic bag clearly marked with their name. Laundry Republic email and text message when the order is ready to collect from the concierge.  Please speak to the concierge for more information.





  • Private gym

The gym in the basement is provided for use by residents of the private units only, and is paid for through the service charge.  Inductions can be booked on Monday evenings at 18.00 or 20.00 through the gym managers.  It costs £20 for Tenants, and is free for Owners.  It is a requirement of our health and safety policy that all residents complete an induction, whether they are regular gym users or not.


On completion of the induction you will be allowed normal access to the gym using the fingerprint access system.  The opening hours are from 05:30 to 23:00 seven days a week, with the exception of 10:30 to 11:30 every day when the gym is closed for cleaning.


Please note personal trainers are allowed in the gym from Total Fit only.


  • Window cleaning

The windows and glass cladding of the towers which cannot be reached safely by residents is cleaned on a regular basis, the cost being covered through the Service Charge.  External faces of the balcony doors and internal faces of the balcony glass are not covered by this contract, so you will need to arrange cleaning of these on your own account.


You will be informed via emails (if you are registered), or by notices in the reception areas about cleaning times.  Please do ensure that your windows are closed and blinds are drawn to maintain your privacy when cleans are in progress.





  • Water

There are individual water meters providing mains cold water to each apartment.  The resident is responsible for paying the Thames Water bill resulting from the use of this water.  The concierge will be able to advise you where to find your meter so that you can provide a reading to Thames Water to ensure accurate billing.  This should not be confused with the communal supply of hot water and chilled water which feeds the air conditioning units in your apartment, and you will receive a separate monthly bill from SW Energy Ltd for this service (see section below ‘Heating and Cooling’).


  • Electricity

Apartments have electricity supplied by British Gas or other suppliers.  This powers all your lighting and the plug sockets.  The electricity bill does not cover either your heating/cooling or hot water - for this service you will receive a separate monthly bill from SW Energy Ltd (see section below ‘Heating and Cooling’).

Smart Meters - The apartment owner is responsible for arranging installation of Smart Meters through their electricity supplier. 

  • Heating & Cooling

If you have a problem with the heating and cooling system, you should get your system checked.  This is free.  If you talk to the concierge he will arrange for the engineers to come at an agreed time and date.


Below is a summary of how the system works and how you can minimise the heating/cooling costs.


How it works

The lounge and each bedroom have a wall thermostat and a fan speed switch that control the fan coils (a kind of radiator) in the ceiling of the respective room.


In the ceiling of each room behind the fan coils there are two electrically operated valves - one controlling the flow of heating water at about 80˚C and the other controlling the flow of cooling water at about 8˚C through the fan coils.  When the room thermostat is set at the current room temperature, both of these valves would be closed since you require neither heating nor cooling.



If you set the thermostat higher, the heating water valve will open giving a flow of hot water through the fan coils.  This will happen even if the fan switches are off.  When you turn the fan switch on, air will be blown through the fan coils at whatever speed you select in order to heat the room.  If the fan switch is off, there will still be some small heat loss (therefore cost) as the heating water passes through the fan coils.



Similarly, if you set the thermostat lower than the room temperature, the cooling water valve will open giving a flow of cooling water through the fan coils, and this will flow even if the fan switch is off, again resulting in some loss and therefore a small cost.


What can go wrong

With ageing, one or both of the valves may stick open resulting in heating or cooling water to be flowing even if none is required.  This will increase your costs due to unnecessary heat loss.


What you can do to minimise cost?

Here are some guidelines:

  • When you do not require heating or cooling (the fan switch is off), ideally try to keep the room thermostat set to about the current room temperature.

  • If this is impractical, it’s better to keep the thermostat set slightly lower than room temperature rather than higher since with cool water circulating (about 8˚C) rather than hot water circulating (about 80˚C), the losses (and cost) will be less.

  • If you go out for any length of time it may be a good idea to close your window blinds or curtains to minimise changes in room temperature.  Before leaving your apartment please ensure all fan speed controllers servicing your heating and cooling units are in the position marked 0 (off).  The corresponding wall mounted adjustable thermostatic controller should be set as close to room temperature as possible, typically 21°C.

  • Intercom system

The intercom system is maintained on a similar contract to the communal satellite television.  If you have a problem with your intercom, please try to eliminate user error and similar potential causes.  If the fault is due to wear and tear or a defect with the equipment in your apartment, then our contract will cover this, however it will not cover misuse or accidental damage.


To this end, we will require your assurance that you will meet any costs incurred before we place the instruction with our contractor, unless the problem is found to be with the communal system.


Please see the concierges for further information.


  • Waste disposal and recycling

The bin stores are located in the basement of the West and East Towers, through the last door on the left before you enter the car park.  Please ensure that rubbish bags do not leak; any damage to the carpeted communal areas will be recharged to Owners or Tenants.  Please do not use black sacks for recycling.  If any food, black sacks or clothes are put in the purple bins the whole bin cannot be recycled.  Black sacks containing rubbish for landfill should be placed in the green bins, and cardboard should be flattened and stacked neatly in the corner of the bin store.  Please help to keep the bin stores tidy!


Please make sure your bags are sealed and placed in appropriate bins.  Do not under any circumstances leave rubbish in the corridors and stairwells.  If items of rubbish are found in these area, the concierge or security staff will contact you to request removal since they create unnecessary smells or are a danger hazard.



For the sake of the environment, please try to recycle as much waste material as possible!  Materials for recycling should be placed in the purple bins either loose or in the pink recycling sacks available from the concierge.  Large cardboard boxes should be left on the floor next to the purple recycling bins.


For old batteries, a separate container will be found on the floor of the bin rooms.


For full details about what can be recycled, some information is given on the side of the purple bins, but full information about local recycling can be obtained from the following website:



Large items are collected free of charge by Tower Hamlets Council, but the collections must be requested by the residents as the council will not accept requests from our site staff.  Log on to, click “request it”, and select “request a bulk rubbish collection” from the Recycling and Waste category.  Alternatively call 02073645004. Please note any large items for collection must be retained in your flat until collection.


  • Odour extraction

With regards to the extraction of cooking and other odours it is essential to utilise the methods provided within your apartment:


The cooker hood filter can be pulled out from the unit, and when this is done, the switches controlling the fan speed and cooker light are visible.  Please note that the filter only removes oily particles from the air and does need to be cleaned regularly.


The main extraction unit is in the ceiling and located by the cooking area.  The level of extraction is automatically set at normal but can be boosted at cooking times by operating a switch which is usually located on or near the side of the fridge cabinet housing.  In some apartments it may be near the double light switch by the entrance to the living room/kitchen.  Using this extractor in the boost mode will quickly dispel all odours from the apartment and prevent smells from entering the communal corridors and apartments above.  Also, each bathroom has an extractor duct, and the boost mode is automatically turned on for about 4 minutes when any bathroom light is switched on.


  • Telephone & Internet

Your telephone and internet suppliers will provide you with a separate bill for these services.

  • Satellite TV

There is a communal satellite system at The Landmark which will provide you with digital Freeview channels to the sockets in your apartment.  If you wish to purchase additional channels you will need to contact a package provider and purchase a Sky box or similar product.


Please note that while we have a comprehensive maintenance contract on the satellite television system, if our contractor is needlessly called out for a problem which transpires to be with your equipment rather than with the communal system, we will have to recharge the cost of the call out to you.


To this end, we will require your assurance that you will meet this cost before we place the instruction with our contractor, unless the problem is not limited to one apartment.  Please see the concierges for further information.


The erection of satellite dishes on your balcony or anywhere on the exterior of the building is not permitted under the terms of the lease.

  • Licences for alterations

It is a condition of the lease that if you intend to make any structural changes to your apartment, that you first obtain the written permission of the Freeholder prior to commencing. You will have to pay for the Freeholder’s reasonable costs in ascertaining that your proposals do not compromise the structure or health and safety of the building, and the Managing Agent’s costs in administering the application.


Contact the Property Manager for further details.

  • Sub-letting registrations

To ensure that tenants can enjoy all the full facilities open to them at The Landmark from the very first day of their tenancy, it is obligatory for sub-tenancy applications to be submitted and consent given, prior to tenants moving in.


To facilitate ease of moving in we now ask that tenants complete and return with the subletting application, the moving in time slot form thus ensuring that we do not have an overlap of multiple move ins in any one day.  Please note that once chosen and notified, removal companies may be turned away and access refused if attempts to move in are out of the allocated/chosen time.  For the sake of clarity, both contractor and move-in and -out times are Monday to Friday 09.00 -17.00 and Saturday 09.00 – 13.00.


Please note that if you fail to register a sub-tenant, estate services to your sub-tenant such as use of the gym, and the use of motorcycle bays, etc. may be withheld.


New residents should register with the concierge when moving into the development and provide emergency contact details and fingerprints for the door entry system.  All details will be held as confidential and will not be given to a third party without written authorisation.

  • Extended stays away

If you are leaving your apartment unoccupied for more than a few days it is advised that the following procedure is followed:


  • Turn off the water services to your apartment. Consult your owner’s manual for directions. The concierge can give you advice on how to do this.

  • Notify reception of your leaving and returning dates.

  • Make sure that the Concierge reception has up to date contact details for wherever you will be including email and phone number.

  • If you are not currently using the Key Holding service, complete a key waiver form and provide a key to reception in case access is required in the event of an emergency such as a leak.

  • Contractor site regulations

If you have workmen carrying out decorating or building works to the interior of your apartment, they must comply with our site rules and regulations for contractors.


If you are intending to carry out any such works, contractor’s hours are between 09.00 -17.00m Monday to Friday and 09.00 to 13.00 on Saturdays. Please give the site staff adequate warning, they can provide you with the rules.




The Tenant’s covenants are laid out in schedule 4 of the Lease and detail the Residents’ responsibilities to the Landlord and the other Residents of the development.  From time to time the Landlord may add to these.  Below is a non-exhaustive summary.  To view a typical Landmark Private Lease click here:


  • Bicycles

In line with our commitment to sustainable development, and the green travel plan, we generally encourage the use of bicycles.  However, the storage of bicycles is not allowed in your apartment or on the balcony and bicycles (even folding bicycles) will not be allowed through reception or in the lifts at any time.  Please ask the concierge for details of access to the dedicated bike store on the lower ground floor which is also covered by CCTV.


  • Balconies

The balconies are demised to the Freeholder, and the Lease specifies that they are not to be used for hanging washing, storing bicycles, erecting satellite dishes, storing machinery, keeping or using fires, grills, patio heaters or barbeque.


  • No smoking

Smoking is not permitted in the communal areas.  Please do not dispose of cigarette ends on the podium or outside the entrances.


  • Moving furniture in the lifts

Please inform the concierge if you have any large items that need to be transported in the lift.  This will give the Concierge time to put up protective curtains.  The cost of repairing any damage to the lifts will be re-charged to you if the correct measures have not been taken. Please report any damage or faults to the concierge on duty.  Moving in or out will only be permitted between 09.00 and 17.00 Monday to Friday and 09.00 to 13.00 on Saturdays.  

The lease also states that you must not cause annoyance to your neighbours!  In addition, contractors (including removal contractors) may only work at The Landmark between 09.00-17.00 Monday to Friday and 09.00 -13.00 on Saturdays.  Sundays are strictly prohibited.


  • Noise nuisance

Please have consideration for your neighbours and do not disturb them.  Between 23.00 and 08.00  'You must not use or permit to be used in the Property or on the Balcony any musical instrument, loudspeaker, radio or electric, electronic, mechanical or other instrument or practise or permit any singing in the Property or on the Balcony so as to cause annoyance to the occupiers of the other Flats or Commercial Units or so as to be audible outside the Property'.


  • Pets

A management decision has been taken to keep the development pet free.  This has become necessary because in the past fouling of the common areas has been an undesirable consequence of permission being granted.  Landlords please ensure the approved no pet clause is inserted in any tenancy agreement.


  • Rubbish disposal

The bin stores are located in the basement of the West and East Towers, through the last door on the left before you enter the car park.  Please ensure that rubbish bags do not leak; any damage to the carpeted communal areas will be recharged to you or your tenants.


Please make sure your bags are sealed and placed in appropriate bins. Do not under any circumstances leave rubbish in the corridors and stairwells.


For further information see ‘Utilities and Other Services’ above.


  • Recycling bins

Place materials for recycling in the purple bins either loose or in the pink recycling sacks available from the concierge. Please do not use black sacks for recycling.  If any food, black sacks or clothes are put in the purple bins the whole bin cannot be recycled.  Black sacks containing rubbish for landfill should be placed in the green bins, and cardboard should be flattened and stacked neatly in the corner of the bin store. Please help to keep the bin stores tidy.


For further information see ‘Utilities and Other Services’ above.


  • Bulky waste and large items

Large items are collected free of charge by Tower Hamlets Council, but the collections must be requested by the residents as the council will not accept requests from our site staff. Log on to, click “request it”, and select “request a bulk rubbish collection” from the Recycling and Waste category. Alternatively call 020 7364 5004. Please note any large items for collection must be retained in your flat until collection.


  • Car park and parking rules

No outside parking is allowed except for drop off and collections, and is limited to a maximum of 20 minutes.  There is no provision for visitor parking on site, but the concierge will advise you of local parking amenities.  The access areas are now patrolled by parking control officers and penalty tickets will be issued to vehicles exceeding the time limit.


Within the residents’ carpark a valid permit must be displayed at all times.  As with the outside areas, the car park will be patrolled and any vehicle found parked without a valid permit will be issued with a ticket and fined.


Please ensure that you have registered your vehicle with the concierge and that you report immediately any change of vehicle.


Please also note that the lease at the Landmark does not allow the subletting of your car park space.  If any breach is found relating to this regulation any permits issued may be withdrawn and replacements refused.


Where there is a need for parking a motorcycle, specific bays are now available to rent.  Please see the concierge for details of cost and an application form.  If you intend to park your motorcycle within your car space, a separate permit will be required, and it is essential that both the car and motorcycle stay within the marked bay and do not encroach into other spaces. Failure to comply will result in a penalty ticket being issued.





  • Managing Agent

The Managing Agents for The Landmark are responsible for the day-to-day running of the common parts of the estate which includes all internal and external areas up to the front door of your apartment.


The Managing Agent sets the annual service charge budget, and issues demands for the service charge on behalf of the Freeholder.  All the costs incurred in the upkeep of the common areas (including the buildings and terrorism insurance) are paid for by leaseholders through their service charges, calculated as the percentage contribution specified in each lease.  The Managing Agent is responsible for all items on the service charge budget, including employing the site staff, maintaining the boilers and the gym, cleaning the internal common parts, cleaning of the windows, and landscaping of the external areas.


  • Leaseholders

The Leaseholder is responsible for all matters within the apartment – you can find a detailed description of what is and is not a part of the flat in the lease.

The lease is also an invaluable source of information including the Leaseholder’s rights and obligations.  The contents of the flat (excluding fixtures and fittings) are the Leaseholder’s responsibility, so they are not included in the building’s insurance, and we recommend that all occupiers obtain suitable contents insurance.


Leaseholders are also responsible for paying their service charges on time.  Please note that late payment can result in solicitors being instructed and additional charges being incurred.


  • Employees at The Landmark

The building has 24 hour 7 days per week Concierge, supervised by the Estate Manager and Head Concierge. The Concierges are based in the foyers of the East and West Towers. The on-site team are responsible for the day to day running of The Landmark on behalf of the Landlord, Managing Agents and the residents. Wherever possible, staff will try to co-ordinate and assist by placing you in contact with the correct people for your particular questions or concerns.


Make yourself known as soon as possible to the Concierge and make sure you fill in and return the residents registration form supplied by the Concierge to ensure we have emergency contact numbers and access permissions.  The Concierge will provide you with any further information on the operation of the development.





All Landmark East and West Tower Residents should familiarise themselves with the ‘FIRE SAFETY GUIDE’.  Study the content in the pdf document and should you have any queries contact the Landmark Estate Manager, Barry McCann, on:  0207 093 4254



This document gives some guidelines for fire safety during the festive season:



The block’s building and terrorism premiums are covered by the service charge. The buildings insurance covers accidental damage but does not cover wear and tear, faults, defects or damage to vehicles in the car park. The policy does not cover the contents of your apartment, only the fixtures and fittings.


We recommend that all residents purchase suitable contents insurance

The buildings insurance will not cover the cost of repairing the cause of the damage, only the damage itself. For example, if the flooring or paintwork on the walls was damaged by a leak from the washing machine, the fault with the machine would have to be repaired by the resident or owner of the apartment; the buildings insurance would be able to cover the cost of repairing the damaged flooring and paintwork.


The policy excess is £350, which means that the first £350 of the claim must be met by the claimant rather that the insurers. You will need to submit two estimates for the repair of the damage. The insurers may also require proof that the cause of the damage has been repaired before approving your claim.


If you think you need to make a claim on the buildings insurance, please contact the Assistant Property Manager as soon as possible.

To view the Landmark Building Insurance Schedule for 1st September 2019 to 31st August 2020, please click here:



If you require a copy of the buildings insurance certificate or the policy wording please contact the Assistant Property Manager.



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