A productive meeting was held on 1st March 2018 between R&R and LORA (Landmark Owners & Residents’ Association) to address queries raised by Owners and Tenants. Grateful thanks to Matt Rittner (Director), Hannah Ventom (Senior Property Manager), Samantha Lazcano (Estate Manager) for their constructive comments and valuable time. LORA members attending the meeting included John Holmes (LORA Secretary) and Souzie Holmes (LORA Founder).

Points discussed and R&R response:

1. How can security be improved to prevent tailgating by non Landmark Residents? R&R response: R&R will obtain a quote for cameras in front of the lifts (facing the adjacent door to small hall, where moving in/out activities take place) Reminder to the concierge team to be more vigilant when food deliveries take place so these people do not wander in different floors.

2. What action is being taken to address excessive SW Energy bills? R&R response: The issue will be raised during an annual review meeting with SW Energy billing company.

3. How can unsolicited mail be prevented: R&R response: Digital locks to be installed. Initiative was implemented last week and will be monitored accordingly.

4. How can we maintain the refuse storage clean? R&R response: Bins to be rearranged to provide more access space to reach empty bins.

5. Recycling Bags provided by Tower Hamlets to made available: R&R response: The council will be contacted to provide pink recycling bags. Will update accordingly.

6. Requested wireless door bells. R&R response: Will explore some options and update accordingly.

7. Requested facility to call the concierge directly from outside the reception, when desk is unmanned or when the fingerprint system does not allow access from the car park/gym. R&R response: Will explore some options and update accordingly.

8. Safety concerns due to bicycles cycling on main entrance concourse at great speed. R&R response: Will assess with maintenance team possible solutions and act accordingly.

9. Possible solutions to prevent barriers from remaining open. R&R response: Will investigate if a “sensor barrier” can be installed and meanwhile remind the Concierge to be more proactive in closing the barrier.

10. Requested a list of services covered by the Service Charge for clarity. R&R response: In order to ensure that this information is available at all times, R&R welcome pack will be distributed to all new lettings and ownerships.

11. Will the night guard be reinstated? R&R response: Hiring “Night Security” will be revisited by the end of the second quarter 2018.

12. The lease dictates that apartments must be used “for a single private dwelling for residential purposes for one family”. Who qualifies as “Family”? R&R response: Partners are considered family and brothers and sisters. Cousins are not considered family and groups are not considered family. R&R cannot change stance.

13. Requested update on the works carried out on the balconies. R&R response: CPL will provide Senior Property Manager with more specific details of the works and as soon as this information is available will be given to all residents.

14. Dealing with noisy neighbours-loud music, moving furniture and jumping/exercising between 23:00-8:00 causing a nuisance. R&R response: There is a process already in place and will continue. Your initial contact should be the concierge. Thereafter warnings are issued to rule breakers and the matter is escalated.

15. Can residents rent out their parking bays? R&R response: Parking bays cannot be rented out.

16. What is the approximate date for fixing balcony glass? R&R response: We are expecting that the BMU will be functional sometime in May.

17. What is the approximate date of the Reception area upgrade? R&R response: Presently gathering some material and quotes and will update in due course.

18. Steps taken to prevent water leaks from the Commercial unit. R&R response: The Gym’s management is meeting our site maintenance team this week, to look into getting this resolved asap and will update.