Annual Power Shutdown on 9th August 2018

Dear Residents, Please be aware that we will be conducting our annual power shut down on the 9th August 2018 at 8:00am. While the main power supply to the building is being serviced we will lose power to all public areas of the Landmark estate, this will include Landmark West, Landmark East, Whitby House, Endeavour house and Mayflower House. • Lighting – Emergency lighting will activate however we will be providing additional lighting in some areas. • Water – there will be no hot or cold water to the apartments due to the plant that delivers the water being turned off. • TV – some apartments will have TV signal failure and will lose some if not all channels. • Heating and Cooling – heated and chilled water will not be circulating due to the pumps being off, this will have an impact on the temperatures achieved by your FCU units. • Lifts – Lifts will operate as normal as they have a secondary power supply. • Fire safety systems – will operate as normal and have a secondary power supply. • The Landmark Gym will be closed for the day as equipment that relies on power will be out of use and the lighting will be off. • The Landmark carpark Gate will be open and will be manned by a security guard. We anticipate having all systems back up and running by 6:00pm however should there be delays we will send out notifications. Best Regards The Landmark Management team