A productive meeting was held on 29th August 2018 between R&R and LORA (Landmark Owners & Residents’ Association) to address recent concerns raised by LORA members on the Leaseholders’ facebook group. On behalf of LORA we would like to express our grateful thanks to Hannah Ventom (Senior Property Manager) for her immediate response in setting up the meeting and for addressing the concerns of LORA members in a professional, constructive manner.

LORA members attending the meeting included John Holmes (LORA Secretary) and Souzie Holmes (LORA Founder).

Points discussed and R&R responses:

1. What is the update of the replacement of shattered balcony glass?

R&R response:

As you are aware the repairs to the Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) units have been ongoing. The contractor had completed the repairs and the relevant insurance inspection took place a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, the units failed the insurance inspection test as the motor failed during the test and we have now had to obtain further quotations for the refurbishment or replacement of the motor. This is extremely unfortunate as the units would not have been put forward for inspection should the motors not be in full working order. We are now awaiting a likely timescale to bring the motor back into working condition so that a further insurance inspection can be carried out as soon as possible and the balcony glass replaced.

2. There are concerns that the heating and cooling valves as well as the meters are faulty with negative consequences. What steps are taken to ensure that both valves and meters are maintained adequately?

R&R response:

The Fan Coil Units (FCU’s) are to be serviced each year, the onsite team will send reminders to the residents to make an appointment through concierge for a convenient time for the engineer to attend. Should a resident receive a bill which they feel is higher than their average bill, they should contact SW Energy directly. SW Energy will then contact us for the engineers report to ascertain if the unit was bypassing as this could be the cause of the increased bills. If the engineer reports that there was indeed bypassing, the account will be assessed by SW Energy and may be adjusted. This is reviewed on a case by case basis. Please note, that the heating and cooling system cannot be completely switched off and will always produce a bill, even if the usage is very small.

3. An apartment window door is fully stuck. Could you please provide an explanation or solution to this problem?

R&R response:

There could be many different reasons that could cause the doors to become stuck. We would suggest you appoint a contractor of your own choosing at your own cost who should be able to identify the issue. Should the issue not be resolved we would request sight of the report to enable us to investigate further.

4. What measures are taken to ensure that the plaza area and paving stones are maintained and cleaned?

R&R response:

The onsite team have a schedule with all of the cleaning duties and the estate operatives have been jet washing across the estate since May. The paving stones across the plaza are included and have been cleaned. We are currently looking into purchasing or leasing an additional ride on machine which will clean the entire plaza at a quicker rate than a manual jet washer speed.

5. How can the underground lighting be fixed?

R&R response:

These lights have not been working for some time, this is mainly due to them being water damaged. Our onsite engineers have attempted to fix them but to no avail. We have therefore instructed an external firm to investigate the issues who have found that there are some loose wires within the circuit and would need further works. We are currently awaiting the quotations for the remedial works.

6. In the event whereby the concierge is unable to receive parcels on behalf of a tenant, can we please request that notification is sent to the tenant in question with brief details stating the date and sender in question to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

R&R response:

Yes of course, we have discussed this with the onsite team and they will email the resident, (providing we have an email address on file) notifying them that a parcel had been declined and a brief reason as to why.

7. A wheelchair bound member relied on the guard to help him in and out of the car. How can we help our member enjoy his freedom once again in the absence of a guard?

R&R response:

Our staff will always try to provide an excellent level of service where possible, however it is important to be mindful that tasks such as assisting residents in this manner are not part of their job description and there will be plenty of instances of when staff are pre-occupied with manning the front desk or on patrol to help specific residents with everyday tasks such as this. One way of assisting any members with any mobility issues, maybe to put them in contact with a local carer who can assistant in this manner at the convenience of the member.

8. What is the update of replacing the loose tiles on the balconies? Members are concerned for their safety and for the unflattering appearance of the yellow marker strips of plastic all over the Landmark Towers facade.

R&R response:

The panels that have been marked with yellow protective film are panels that have been identified as having a potential defect. The yellow protective film not only identifies the panels, but helps to prevent any further worsening of the defect. These panels will be replaced at the manufacturers’ expense. The detail of the timing of the replacements is being discussed with the freeholder at the moment and once we have further information, we will inform all residents.

9. What is the engineer’s response as to the reason of the failed chillers?

R&R response:

The onsite team have requested that the external contractors who maintain the chillers come to site to investigate this issue. The earliest they could attend was today (Thursday) and once they have submitted their report we will be able to inform residents.

Souzie Holmes (LORA Founder)

John Holmes (LORA Secretary) For and on behalf of LORA (Landmark Owners and Residents' Association)