Special Announcement

Dear All,

Many Landmark residents, have had the pleasure of being served by our concierge named Clive, these last 10 years. Sadly, a few weeks ago he suffered a heart attack whilst on duty and has undergone a triple heart bypass. A ‘Get Well’ card has been placed on the concierges’ counter in the lobby for anyone who would like to sign the card wishing him a quick recovery. If you are not at the Landmark at present and would like your name to be added on the card please contact us and we will add your name on the card on your behalf.

If you would like to show your appreciation for his services to all Landmark residents, please contact LORA (LORA.Landmark@gmail.com) and we will forward Clive’s bank details to make a donation payment directly to him to help with his recovery costs.

Souzie Holmes

(LORA Founder)