Car park ticketing

BUILDING NEWS Follow up in regards the latest communication posted on Thursday, 27/09/2018 11:21 REF : CPM car parking ticketing company Samantha Lazcano - Updated: Yesterday, 10/10/2018 12:29 Dear Residents A friendly reminder that our new car parking ticketing company (CPM) is now operating. Kindly note that a car park audit will take place within the next two / three weeks and ANY car that is wrongly parked as well as not displaying a valid carpark permit will be issued a ticket as well as a sticker notice. Please kindly note that from the moment that a ticket is issued you will need to deal directly with CPM and the ticket will not be voided. *Lastly please kindly note that this also includes motorcycles* In order to avoid getting a ticket, please ensure that you park your car in the correct bay number as well as display your valid carpark permit Thank you in advance for helping us to comply with our car park regulations/rules Best Regards, Samantha Lazcano Estate Manager