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Landmark Pinnacle - out of hours works

Thomas 227349 - Created: Yesterday, 22/10/2018 09:18

Dear Residents, Please be advised that on the weekend 3/4 November 2018 work on the Landmark Pinnacle project will be undertaken out of usual working hours. This work has been authorized by London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Normal hours of working on a Saturday are usually from 8am to 1pm. For Saturday 3 November, the hours of work have been extended from 1pm to 6pm and for Sunday 4 November from 10:30am to 6pm. Please be advised that during these operating hours the onsite team will be carrying out works for the installation of two additional tower cranes to the mast section. We apologise in advance for the inconvenience that this may cause you and we will be working to the best of our ability to ensure minimum disturbance to residents. If you do have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Community Liaison Team via or 020 7234 3335. Thank you again for your patience and understanding.