Preventative maintenance shutdown on 20 March

Msg from R&R:

Dear Residents,

We will be completing our preventive maintenance annual building shut down on Wednesday the 20th March. This years shut down will be coupled with installation of a new High Voltage Switchgear.

The works are expected to last approximately 24 hours. To minimise the disruption to residents there will be a temporary generator onsite. There will be two minor disruptions to power at the start and end of the works, when we switch to and from the generator. These should last no longer than 15 minutes affecting hot water, heating and TV signal. There will be no cooling through-out the entire works.

Please also note that no interruptions will be made to the electricity supply to the individual apartments, the lifts and essential health and safety features such as the fire alarm, as these are all powered by a separate secondary supply.

Kind regards

Barry McCann Estate Manager