Facade panel replacement

Following the meeting between Matt Rittner (Director of Rendall & Rittner), Hannah Ventom (Senior Property Manager), Barry McCann (Property Manger) and LORA, we now have a response regarding Façade Panel Replacement repairs:

Rendall & Rittner statement:

As you are aware, there has been a defect identified on some of the façade panels adorning the East and West Towers of The Landmark. This defect is not related to ACM type cladding. The defective panels were originally identified via abseil and secured using yellow protective film and have been monitored regularly since the defect was identified. Following discussions between the freeholder, original developer and the manufacturer, it has been agreed that all of the panels will be replaced on both towers. All costs relating to this work will be covered by the original manufacturers, with nothing being passed onto the leaseholders.

The works will be completed in 3 phases and are expected to run from June 2019 to January 2021:

Phase 1 is estimated to run from June 2019 to December 2019 and will include façade replacement for the West Tower, floors 1 to 31.

Phase 2 will involve the ground levels of the West Tower and the façade replacement for the East Tower with this expected to begin in March 2020 and completing in September 2020.

Phase 3 will involve the ground levels of the East Tower and is expected to start in October 2020 and completing in January 2021.


The set up works required for the preparation for this project will be starting on Friday 14th June 2019 which will include the delivery of a welfare and site office porter cabins for the use of the team carrying out the work on a day-to-day basis. The location of these cabins will be next to Tesco, within the Landmark Square, with hoarding separating these cabins from the footpaths used by residents and the general public.

Other works that will be carried out as part of the initial set up will be the installation of temporary building cradles on the West Tower roof and scaffolding around the base of the West Tower which will create a landing platform for the temporary cradles. The initial set up work required is estimated to be completed within 5 weeks.

Façade Replacement

Once the above is in place, the façade replacement will commence and contractors will access the temporary cradles using the scaffolding around the base of the Tower. Collection and delivery of materials will come through the West Tower service road, with the vehicles stopping and unloading in the area before the West Tower. We anticipate the most disruption to be experienced during the initial set-up and take down of the scaffolding/temporary cradles. This will be when materials for the temporary cradles must be transported to the roof in one of the West Tower lifts. The rules regarding usual contractor working hours will be respected and therefore work to the façade will only be taking place Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm. At this time we are unable to commit to when the next window clean will be carried out on the West Tower, however we will be liaising closely with the contractor to fit this in before the end of the year.

Please note we are fully aware this work will cause inconvenience to residents due to the length of the project and during this time every effort will be made to keep disruption to residents to a minimum. Any concerns should be addressed to the Estate Manager via emai (estatemanager@the-landmark.net) in the first instance. In the meantime if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.