R&R Meeting with LORA - July 2019

Dear All,

Following the meeting with Matt Rittner and Hannah Ventom, please find below R&R's responses to points raised by LORA during the meeting:


1. Issues relating to windows:

a) Scratches appeared on the outside on some of the residents’ balcony glass,where the cleaners have abseiled. What action will management take regarding this issue?

R&R response:

Barry investigated and concluded that these scratches were most likely historical and possibly highlighted by the recent window clean. Barry was in contact with the leaseholder via email and outlined the conclusion of the inspection.

b) Several residents reported that their windows looked dirtier after the windows were cleaned. It appears that the window cleaners use the same dirty water in a tiny bucket again and again just spreading the dirt around. Essentially, the only windows that are cleaned properly are those on the top floors.

R&R response:

The window cleaning company have been contacted regarding this. A new system is in place where less surface are is covered on each abseil drop which will improve this.

c) Some tenants find it hard to see out of their windows because they are covered with cement from the Pinnacle construction. Is this an issue that the management team would take up, or should the leaseholder contact the Pinnacle constructors directly?

R&R response:

The previous Estate Manager, Samantha, raised this with The Pinnacle last year. A quote was obtained and given to them, they were unwilling to take action until their cement pouring was complete. When Barry was appointed as the new Estate manager he visited many apartments and saw the extent of the dirt on the windows. He then sought a second opinion in regards to a possible solution. He was advised that a specialist should look at impact on the windows, confirm the cause of the damage and give best solution for removal. Due to the nature of the works, the price estimates are quite substantial; therefore there would be a need to request multiple quotes. Unfortunately this will not be a quick fix as we will want to ensure the cost is covered by The Pinnacle. R&R will continue to raise this issue with The Pinnacle developers on behalf of leaseholder

d) Several residents report that although their windows were supposed to have been cleaned in reality that is not the case. Could a system be employed where checks are made to ensure the cleaners indeed carry out their task and once completion of the task is confirmed for management to invite comments from the residents to ensure their windows have not been overlooked?

R&R response:

A new system has been introduced for monitoring the window cleaning. A list of sections of each tower has been created, the window cleaners will now sign off every section that they clean at the end of each day. Should there be any issues please bring them to Barry’s attention as soon as possible so he can address this with the cleaners while they are still on site.

2. Bathroom drainage problems:

a) Several residents are concerned with bad smells and poor drainage from their bathrooms despite taking measures to ensure better drainage (such as monthly plug-hole un-blocker, employing professionals). Please advise how better drainage can be maintained in bathrooms and what regular actions are taken by management to ensure drain blockage is averted.

R&R response:

We have just completed our annual drainage clean on both towers. It is unlikely that odours from the communal stack could travel back through the internal pipe’s toresidents apartments. The odours are more likely to be coming from the internal pipes that should be dealt with by a household plumber. As a precautionary measure we are having an investigation completed on a selection of stack pipes through-out the building to confirm weather or not it is a communal issue.

3. Repair of the cladding:

a) What is the status of the cladding façade replacement?

R&R response:

A letter was sent out to residents on 12th June 2019 which set out in detail the various phases of the works to be carried out.

4. Lift defects

a) What is causing the lifts to be out of service on a regular basis? Can any measures be put into place to avoid prolonged out of service lifts?

R&R response:

We have engaged our independent lift consultants to ensure Mitsubishi are being held accountable for their service levels. Reports were also obtained to confirm Mitsubishi are following the correct steps on a technical level and lead times on delivery of replacement parts are in line with industry standard. We are aware of the inconvenience a lift outage can cause to our residents and aim to have this resolved as quickly as possible, keeping disturbances to a minimum at all times.

5. Reserve funds

a) The end of year reserve fund amounts differ between the East and West Tower. Please provide an explanation for the discrepancy between the Towers?

R&R response:

The end of year reserve funds differ between the East and West tower’s due to the nature of the works and repairs that are due in each block. For example, last year the East tower chillers have had to have more work done on them compared to the West tower, resulting in additional costs to the East tower rather than the West.

6. Broadband

a) Hyperoptic has been working on obtaining permission for broadband installation. Has approval already been given and if not can the approval process be speeded?

R&R response:

Hyperoptic are being considered for the supply of broadband services within the building, very much in a similar way to how Virgin Media have now installed their services. Once we have further information on when this may be available for residents we will communicate accordingly.

7. Property Insurance

a) Have any property repairs been claimed against the Landmark insurance?

R&R response:

Water damage claims have been raised during this year.

8. What major repairs have been carried out on the property so far?

R&R response:

So far this year the only major works instructed by R&R have been for the replacement of the high voltage switch gear, the costs of which were covered by the reserve fund. The replacement cladding project is the only other planned major project taking place this year, but the costs of this is being covered by the developer.

9. Despite the displayed sign on the wall by the West Tower prohibiting cycling on the pavement in front of the West Tower entrance, individuals still cycle at a fast speed placing residents in danger. Possible solutions would be placing flower planters, forcing cyclists to dismount. Installing flower planters on the front entrance of the building will also improve the overall appearance of the property. Additionally, a more prominent/larger sign would also be more effective.

R&R response:

Rather than putting an obstacle in the path way we are exploring a solution that will keep the cyclists on the road. This will involve shorting of the current barrier to allow cyclists through as well as a speed bump to minimise speed. Barry is currently working on a cost and assessment of risk.

10. Noise from heating and cooling system

a) Residents are experiencing noise believed to emanate from the heating and cooling system in the bedroom. Please advise how this can be avoided.

R&R response:

There is always going to be an element of noise from a system with moving air and water. Any noises that residents feel are above this can be reported as a fault through the concierge. Our FCU engineer will come to investigate and if we can resolve the noise we will. Please note the Fan Coil Unit is part of the demised premise and therefore the leaseholders responsibility, in order for the whole system to heat and cool the individual apartments effectively, we offer a service and to check of faults. The main components which suffer from wear and tear on a regular basis are valves and actuators, a cost for these parts are included in our budget each year to allow us to repair them efficiently once a fault is found. Sometimes the noise may be coming from the fan part of the unit, if we are unable to resolve this issue the responsibility falls with the leaseholder.

11. Tesco Lorries

Has Tesco been informed that their lorries cannot use our private road for unloading?

R&R response:

Yes, Adam Symes has confirmed this in writing and it has been acknowledged by Tesco.

12. Is the Freeholder likely to provide an unloading permit for Tesco in the future?

R&R response:

This is unlikely.