Message from R&R:

Dear Residents,

At around 4.45am on Sunday 20th October a group of people broke into the car park through the main gates. The concierge team were monitoring the CCTV and phoned the police immediately. The intruders cycled around the car park for 90 seconds and left. The police arrived 5 minutes later.

The damage left the gate out of service so additional security was arranged to monitor the car park for the remainder of the weekend.

The outgoing gate is back in service and can be used for entering or exiting today. We expect both gates will be back operational tomorrow. Please proceed with care when if coming in/out of the carpark today.

The police believe they may have been looking for motorbikes to steal. Please be extra vigilant when locking your vehicles, particularly motorbikes.

We will continue to monitor the area’s via patrols and CCTV.

Kind regards


Barry McCann

Estate Manager

The Landmark

Canary Wharf, E14

Tel: 0207 093 4254