Façade Panel Replacement Project - Progress Update

Message from R&R:

27 January 2020

Our Ref: 604-PanelReplacement

Re: Façade Panel Replacement Project Progress Update

As you are aware there is an ongoing project to replace all of the façade panels adorning the East and West Towers. There has been a lot of activity onsite this month and so we would like to provide you with an update on progress.West TowerThe replacement of all panels has now completed and the temporary cradles are in the final stages of being removed.The scaffolding will start to be removed in early February and is expected to be fully removed from mid to late March.During the scaffolding removal it will be necessary to close the West Tower service road for some periods. Please note there will be an increase in contractors working in the area during this time and there are likely to be noise disruptions during working hours.We are arranging for the window cleaning to be carried out following the removal of the scaffolding.East TowerThe preparation work for the setup of the temporary cradles on the East Tower is underway. All the necessary equipment should in place at roof level in the next two weeks.The installation of the scaffolding is nearing completion on the North, West and South elevations of the East Tower. Work on the scaffolding on the East elevation (main entrance) is continuing and is anticipated to be completed within three weeks. The East Tower service road may also need to be closed during some of the remainder scaffolding work, however disruption to this road will be kept to minimum

as the wider road will allow it to be kept free from obstruction the majority of the time.

We are hopeful that the removal of panels will commence mid-February and you may notice the cradles moving up and down prior to this, however this is purely for testing purposes.

Please note that all of the above timescales are weather dependant and could potentially be delayed.


The rules regarding usual contractor working hours will be respected and therefore works to the façade will only be taking place Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

We appreciate there has been some delays and changes to times line throughout the project. We are continually working with the contractor to have the project completed in a safe and timely manner.

We are very grateful for the patience shown by all residents during the project so far. We are mindful that the work has caused a great inconvenience to residents due to the length of the project. Any concerns should be addressed to the Estate Manager via email (estatemanager@the-landmark.net) in the first instance.

If you do have any questions regarding any of the above please feel free to contact us.

Yours faithfully

Adam Symes

Property Manager

Rendall and Rittner Limited

For and on behalf of Adriatic Land 5 Limited Email: adam.symes@rendallandrittner.co.uk Telephone: 0203 761 3100