Message from R&R:



On Monday evening, the Prime Minister advised that everyone should only leave home for:

  • Shopping for basic necessities

  • One form of exercise a day

  • Any medical need/care for a vulnerable person

  • Travelling to and from work, only if absolutely necessary.We believe that the majority of site-based staff would be deemed absolutely necessary, to the extent that they deal with a number of life systems, are responsible for ensuring Health and Safety and site security, as well as helping to support more vulnerable residents, where needed.It may be possible for us to reduce staffing levels, without jeopardising the health and welfare of residents. We are giving this careful consideration, analysing specific needs on a site by site basis. We are also factoring into this analysis where we may be able to amend shift start and end times to avoid high volume travel times. In this way we can try to reduce the risks relating to travel and exposure to crowds.There are a number of things residents can do to help ensure the safety and continuity of site-based services please:

  • Follow locally issued advice with regard to minimising deliveries

  • Observe government advice on social distancing at all times whilst in communal areas

  • Try to keep personal contact with site staff to an absolute minimum and utilise email orphones where needed rather than having face to face conversations.

  • Ensure that you dispose of refuse appropriately, in order to reduce the need for cleaningservices.CLOSURE OF COMMUNAL AMENITIES In light of current government advice concerning social distancing, we are recommending that all indoor communal amenities (such as screening rooms, meeting rooms and other resident social areas) should close with immediate effect. We believe this is necessary in order to support the Government’s request that we all do all we can to reduce the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on the NHS and we encourage residents to follow advice concerning social distancing.This is also necessary, so that we can ensure that site-based staff are able to focus on provision of essential services, especially in the light of higher volumes of residents working from home. For the time being, we are recommending that outside amenities remain open. This will only continue to be possible if residents comply fully with advice concerning social distancing and limit the number of households using such spaces at any one time.We are confident that you will understand why these extraordinary measures are necessary and will support these initiatives by continuing to follow government advice.

SERVICE CHARGE PAYMENTS Wherever possible pleases avoid sending cheques for service charge payments. Payment can most easily be made using Faster Payment via internet banking.

Ourbankaccountdetailsareshownonthebackofyourservicechargedemand. Pleaseremembertoput your reference on any payment. Your reference is also shown on your service charge demand, in the format “ABCDE123”.

Please be aware that if you have no option but to make payment by cheque, there may be some delays in our ability to be able to bank and clear payment into your account.

Thank you for your continued support.

As a result of the Covid 19 world pendamic, we understand the concern this will cause, therefore the above briefing is intended to provide information on Rendall and Rittner Ltd’s response and advice on the evolving situation. The latest advice is outlined above.


We are reviewing daily the guidance being provided. Frequent meetings are being held by senior staff to ensure our response is amended and updated as required.

The latest information from The Government and NHS can be found by visiting the following websites: