Coronavirus Landmark Update

Message from R&R:


This message has been sent to you because it was marked for immediate attention by its author, Barry McCann

27/03/2020 16:43:43

Dear Residents, I hope all are keeping well and safe. We ask that all residents be mindful of the below in the current climate. Our front line services remain in place but with small changes to the procedures, which with your assistance, will help ensure the safety of our staff.

Keys Please only use the key services where absolutely necessary. Keys will only be accepted or issued where this has booked in with the concierge in advance. This allows the concierge time to take measures to protect both themselves and others. If you have a current arrangement where you have given permission for someone to have access to keys but they turn up on a adhoc basis, each visit now needs to be confirmed with the concierge in advance. Parcels All parcels should be personally accepted by residents where possible, especially during this time when most residents will be home to collect these directly from the courier. Requests to concierge to check mail boxes and deliver parcels to apartment will be declined. Post rooms are included as part of the increased cleaning regime. Vulnerable People If you are classed as vulnerable please contact me on and we will arrange assistance. Contact with onsite team Please keep 2 meters from all onsite team members at all times for their safety. Please communicate with concierge via phone or email where possible. Refuse collection Residents continue to leave unsealed bags in the refuse area. Every effort should be made to seal waste. We understand that people may be finding it difficult to source black bags. If you do not have black bags email and we will leave a maximum 3 by your front door at 11am the following day (Monday – Friday). Please continue to try and get black bags through your shopping, we want to look after those most in need. Should you be showing symptoms of the virus please follow the government guidelines. Details can be found below: Vulnerable People If you are classed as vulnerable please contact me on and we will arrange assistance. Many thanks