Vacant apartments/ Parcels/ Refuse/ Neighbourly Consideration/ Exercising in apartments/ Balconies

Message from R&R:

Vacant apartments/Parcels/Refuse/Neighbourly consideration/Exercising in apartments/Balconies

Dear Residents, I hope you and your families are keeping well and safe. Please see below points for your review. Vacant Apartments Due to the current travel restrictions some apartments may be left vacant for longer periods than expected. If not flushed through regularly, the sink and toilet traps can dry up. Over a period of time, this may cause the water seal to be broken allowing smells to come back up through the pipes. Your apartment should be checked regularly. If you need assistance with this during this time, please let me know. Parcels It has been highlighted that some parcels are being lost or delivered to the wrong address. If you have had any issues with parcels/deliveries; please raise this with Marek, as well as your respective concierge desk. Refuse There has been an improvement in how general waste is sealed and added to the bins. Thank You! Please continue to follow the procedures to keep everyone in the building safe. If you do not have bags email and we will leave a maximum of 3 by your front door at 11am the following day (Monday – Friday). Please continue to try and get black bags through as part of your shopping, we want to look after those most in need. Should you be showing symptoms of the virus please follow the government guidelines. Details can be found below: If you are classed as vulnerable please contact and we will arrange assistance. Neighbourly consideration It’s important that during this time we show particular consideration to those living around us, please do not create a nuisance for your neighbours and keep noise at acceptable levels. Exercising in apartments As many of you are spending more time within the confinements of your apartments, we have seen a significant rise in complaints relating to noise disruption caused by residents exercising indoors. Please consider of your neighbours while exercising. Balconies The normal rules for balconies are still in place. Balconies should not be used for storage or waste. Barbeques and heaters are prohibited. It has been brought to my attention that used cigarettes are being found on balconies which presumably have been thrown from a residents balcony above. This is unacceptable. This creates a serious fire risk if the cigarette is not extinguished. Cigarettes should be disposed of safely and vessels that are used to store used cigarettes should be emptied regularly. Kind regards Barry McCann Estate Manager The Landmark Canary Wharf, E14 Tel: 0207 093 4254